Junction Center Celebrates Valentine’s Day Each Year with a Partner Yoga Workshop

Join us on Valentine’s Day for a Partner Yoga Workshop with Kathy Navis.

Partner Yoga is designed to bring community and play into our yoga practice. It’s a way to develop trust , connection and playfulness through assisted yoga postures.  It’s a very enjoyable way to work together in a number of different ways to extend your practice. You will also share the bond of communicating and cooperating with a fellow yoga practitioner, regardless of your  relationship or skill level.

Partner Yoga, whether with a friend, a partner or someone you’ve never met, has some incredible benefits:

  • Deepen your connection to others,
  • Build trust and compassion,
  • Deepen your practice in discovering how to safely stretch further than usual,
  • Acquire a sense of balance that cannot be experienced working solo,
  • Learn to move with greater awareness and recognition of how our movements affect others,
  • Enhance your communication skills using verbal as well as non-verbal communication,
  • And it’s so much fun!

The workshop will conclude with class participants sharing some delicious snacks and beverages from Greens N Grains Natural Food Store.

No experience necessary, partnering with a friend is optional but not mandatory. We will find a partner if you come solo! The cost is $20 per person or $35 if you come with a friend.

Please, reserve your place by calling 920.823.2763 or e-mailing kathy@JunctionCenterYoga.com.